Wednesday, July 11, 2012

four months.

hey mama. today is four months since you've gone. it feels like a moment and a lifetime all in one. i miss your more and more each day. we went to the grand canyon yesterday and while i was there i received a text from one of my best friends kelsey. her mom is with you in heaven (and probably a great friend of yours now). it said "I hope you feel your your mama out there in all the beautiful earth around you. she is with you and she is proud of you. i promise." she was so right. i read that and immediately started crying. it was like i was breathing you in. i could feel you on my skin, in my lungs, i could see you, close my eyes and imagine you. mama, it was so amazing. it was tremendously beautiful and incredibly heartbreaking all at the same time. i've never experienced anything like it. i miss you so much mama and i wish so much that you could have been on this trip with us. you would have loved it. when you see Kelsey's mama, give her a big hug for me and tell her i said thank you for rainsing such an amazing woman. all my love mama.

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