Wednesday, July 4, 2012

fourth of july.

hey mama.
as I sit here on this fourth of july, i am reminded of the many that i spent with you. i have so many wonderful memories with you and our family. all the times we spent at grandmas and stacey's. all the fireworks, and deviled eggs, and watermelon. running around and getting dirty, catching lightning bugs (you always made me release them). so many great memories.
it seems that since you've gone, all of the good memories have been accompanied by a sense of sadness. mostly for elaina. i have all these memories with you that she'll never get to have. so many memories that y'all never got to make. it repeatedly breaks my heart.
as we spend this holiday with your family in arizona, i cannot help but to think of you. always. we have so many things planned that i know you would love, but mostly i know you'd love to spend time with your family.
i miss you.
all my love.

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