Wednesday, June 13, 2012

sick sense of humor.

hey mama.
i was reminded today about my 13th (?) birthday party. it was a sleepover. all my friends were there and we were taking up real estate in the basement.we had been talking and watching movies, and probably gossiping, normal teenage behavior. all of a sudden, we saw two hooded figures, with panty hose over their faces, seemingly trying to break into the sliding glass door leading into the basement. you and dad waited long enough to make all of us scream like we would never scream again, and do our best to not pee right down our pants before you revealed your faces, laughing hysterically. i was so angry. i've never handled being scared well, and this time i was scared AND embarassed.
now i look back on this and smile. you and your sick sense of humor. its one of my favorite things about you. we were always having something to laugh about. some sick joke to recveal. i love this.
just you, me and our sick senses of humor.
all my love.

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