Sunday, June 10, 2012

the thought behind unaswered letters.

most you know that on March 11, 2012 I lost my mom. mama had a nearly 2 year long fight with cancer. by the end she was in a great deal of pain. this made her death bittersweet. I mourn my own loss, but am grateful that her suffering is over. 

mama was the most amazing woman I will ever know. I know that. most of you know that. she was loving, caring, kind, and beautiful. I still pick up the phone to call her. I still want to talk to her and find myself talking to her all the time. I will not stop. I don't want to stop. I have to believe that she will still hear me. therefore, my goal is to write to mama daily. share with here the things I would if she were here. believe that she hears them. that is the idea behind this blog. it's not for you, and its not for me. it's for her. 

always for her.

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